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About Us

One of the many decisions a family has to make when faced with the loss of a pet is which pet cremation facility to use. We would like to introduce you and your family to Floriday Pet Cremation, Inc. We are a privately owned pet cremation facility located in Melbourne, FL servicing Melbourne and surrounding communities. We are dedicated to the pet death care industry and specialize in compassionate care for your loved companion. 

We understand that many pet owners are faced with the difficult decision of how to properly say goodbye and return the gift of love and loyalty that our pets have given to us. This is why we decided to offer a facility where we can honor the memory of a beloved pet with an appropriate memorial that will be meaningful to both family and friends. 

Womble Family

Floriday Pet Cremation is owned and operated by the Womble family. We are pleased to be able to provide other pet owners a facility where their beloved pet can be honored through a respectful and dignified service. Glen is a Registered Nurse and his background has ranged from the Human Funeral Industry, to Animal Husbandry, to the orthopedic field as a Registered Nurse First Assistant. Glen's first interaction with a pet's death was when his dog "Wrinkles" was hit by the school bus one cold December morning. At the age of 11, Glen was on the school bus when the driver stopped and commented that he had just hit his dog! He would not let Glen off the bus to tend to his dog, but instead took him on to school. Heartbroken, Glen called his dad who came and picked him up from school and brought him home to deal with the loss. Together, they dug a hole in the frozen earthen floor of their detached garage, and buried Wrinkles. A small memorial painted on the garage's inner wall was all that remained of his best friend. The death of a pet, especially with a child, can be incredibly difficult.


Our family will work with you to select the best means possible of providing a farewell to your pet. It is our promise that once we have your loving pet in our care, we will treat them as our very own and they will receive the same quality of care and utmost respect that they received when they were in your care. Whatever your needs may be, we will be here to help you through one of life's most difficult moments. From pick-up to return, our services to pet owners are based on professionalism and honesty. 

Floriday Pet Cremation, Inc. is permitted by the City of Melbourne and registered with the State of Florida's Department of Environmental Protection Agency. License # 0090232-001-AG. Glen has successfully completed certification as Crematory Operators.