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Other Services

Final Viewing of your Pet - We all will have to make difficult decisions about death care arrangements for our faithful friends. The staff at Floriday Pet Cremation understands the tremendous sorrow that comes with losing a faithful friend. That's why we offer an opportunity for you and your family to come together and have a period of time to spend with your pet as a family or surrounded by your friends. We encourage all the families we serve to have a visitation period to celebrate the life of your special friend. This allows you to share all the different stories about your pet and reflect on how unique and special your pet's life was to your family. 

Often when we lose a family pet it is more than likely a child's first experience with death. It can be a very traumatic experience and it is very important that the experience be as positive for them as we can make it. Our caring staff is here to help your child deal with the confusion related to the loss of their pet, and say their goodbyes in a warm and peaceful setting. Rest assured, we are here for you. 

Your loved companion is placed in a visitation basket for viewing so you can see, touch, and express your heart felt love. It is comforting to know that you have another opportunity to spend time with and love on your pet before you have to let go. We provide death care grooming so that the last memory you have of your pet is a peaceful and positive memory. 

We suggest that you bring other family pets to our facility so they can say their goodbyes also. Other pets understand that something is different, but have no idea what is wrong. It is very important that you don't leave the other pet out. They need to understand and grieve, too. 

Witnessing Cremation - Viewing the cremation process offers assurance and provides closure for families. Witnessing cremation is available by appointment at no extra charge. A comfortable visitation room is available for you and your family prior to and during the cremation process. If an owner chooses to, he/she can be present for the private cremation of their pet. There is no charge for this, but we do need to schedule an appointment time so we are able to allow the pet owner enough time with his/her pet before the cremation begins. 

Memorialization - We offer many items for sale including cremation jewelry, garden memorials for home, and a wide variety of cremation urns. 

To choose options for memorialization, please click on the Products link at the top of this page.

Euthanasia - We are fortunate to know several Veterinarians that work with us to provide euthanasia in your home or at their clinic. We can put you in contact with someone who can meet your needs. Please call us 321-821-4871 for more information.