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However you wish to honor the passing of your faithful friend, and whatever arrangements you wish to make in the handling of the body, we can meet your needs offering the same compassion and dignity given to any family member. 


Cremation prices are based upon the weight of your pet and the type of cremation service requested. 
Please call or email for pricing.

Animal Weight Schedule: 


1-20 lbs.


21-50 lbs.


51-85 lbs.

Extra Large

86 lbs and above.

*Additional charge of $1.00 for each pound over 125 pounds.

Services included with every cremation:

  • Availability 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Local family owned and operated
  • Prompt and respectful transfer of your loved companion from your home to our facility (Distance charges may apply)
  • Courtesy transportation of your pet from your veterinarian's office to our facility
  • Pet parents are welcome to bring their pet directly to our facility
  • State of the art crematory and facilities
  • Dignified and respectful care of your pet
  • Option for final viewing of your pet
  • Option to view cremation without additional costs
  • Strict use of pet identification and tracking system for all private cremations
  • Private cremation - assurance that you get only, and all, of your pet returned
  • Complimentary urn with every private cremation
  • Certificate of individual cremation
  • Prompt return of your companion. Cremains returned within 72 hours without additional costs
  • Same day service available (additional charges may apply)
  • Complimentary cremations for service animals
  • Pet loss information and support for you and your family

At the time of your loss, the emotions of the moment can make it easy for you to misunderstand your options. Don't be afraid to question the person offering you after-death care. Their economic interest may influence their recommendation. Only you can decide what is right for your companion, so if you need more time to decide, just ask for it and take as long as you need to make an informed decision. 

Our services from pick-up to return are based on understanding, respect, and honesty. 

Family members are not only welcome, but are encouraged to visit our facility. Witnessing and understanding cremation will help you through the grieving process and provide closure for the loss of your faithful companion. 

Our experience in the funeral industry has helped us to understand the importance of closure. Closure cannot be achieved until you have the cremated remains of your faithful companion back in your possession. It is our policy to have your companion's cremains returned to you within 72 hours.