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     Name: Jamie Salup
     Location: Melbourne Beach

Jamie Salup
The loss of a pet is never easy. Our family was out of town when we learned of the loss of our family dog Hunter. Unsure of what to do, distraught and clearly overwhelmed with the unknown. My husband called Glen. Without hesitation, he asked how far we were away, told us he would meet us at our house. He was waiting for us in our driveway when we pulled into our home. Allowed us to say our good-byes for as long as we needed. We had our Hunter back with us two days later. I can never thank Glen for his compassion and for everything he did for my family. Thank Glen. The Salup Family

     Name: Eau Gallie Vet Hospital
     Location: Melbourne

Eau Gallie Vet Hospital
I am a Veterinary Technician at Eau Gallie Veterinary Hospital. We recently switched our cremation services over to Floriday. We are very pleased with the quick turn around on Private Cremations. We did a house call Euthanasia this am and Glen met us at the home and professionally removed the pet from the clients home. I later spoke to the owner who was very thankful to us and Floriday for making this difficult time so dignified and caring. She couldn't believe that someone would actually come to her home and take her pet straight to the Crematorium. Thanks for everything Glen.

     Name: Trudy &Angelo D'Amico
     Location: Cocoa Beach

Trudy &Angelo D'Amico
We are heart broken from the loss of our dear Alex. The one thing that gives us peace is how our little guy was taken care of by the owner of Floriday Pet Cremation. Glen was available to meet us when we were ready. I have a fear of what happens after death; how one may be treated and do you really receive the ashes of your loved one. Glen showed us, because we wanted to see, the process and let us have our final moments with Alex. Glen did the cremation the same day while we waited, because I didn't want to leave my Alexie alone over night. We can honestly say that if we ever need pet cremation services again I will not hesitate to call Glen at Floriday Pet Cremation. I know that my dear Alexie is home with us resting peacefully. Thank you for your professional caring assistance.

     Name: Theresa Hale
     Location: Melbourne

Theresa Hale
I would like to thank you for the exceptional care that you gave to Bear. He was a member of our family for the last 14 years, he was very loved and we will all miss him. Your care that you gave to him meant a lot to us. The card and certificate you sent was very nice but I have to let you know that the lock of his hair and the beautiful poem was so touching. I have never received anything like this. I will truly cherish this memento. I would recommend your services to anyone. Thank you Theresa Hale

     Name: Beth Burger
     Location: Melbourne

Beth Burger
We lost our beloved dog Susie last Friday, knowing that she would not be returning home, I called Glen on my way to the Vets office, hoping he could help us. It was very comforting to us knowing that Glen would be able to have Susie back to us by that evening. She never had to be away from our home even for one night. The service that Floriday provides is much needed, and to know that our pet was in the capable, loving hands of Glen Womble was a bright spot in what was a very sad day.

     Name: Gail S. Newman
     Location: Rockledge, FL

Gail S. Newman
Mr. Womble, I wanted to thank you personally for the care given to âCosmos Newmanâ. I have never used your service before. I was impressed when you called Sunday to say that you had Cosmos in your possession and would take very good care of him. The prompt service was wonderful! I am associated with the Suncoast Basset Rescue and I take in Seniors Only, as no one else seems to want them. In their last years, they need to know they have a âfamilyâ and someone to love them. I still have four more at home here. I lost three last year and it does not get easier. It has only been six months since my last loss. I never seem to have them more then 20-22 months. At least they know they were loved. What I like about your company is that it is local and also the card enclosed with the cremains. I cried (again) when I saw his footprint. It never gets easier, but you made it more bearable. Thank you again, Gail S. Newman, âCosmosâ Mom

     Name: Angelo and Debbie
     Location: West Melbourne,Florida

Angelo and Debbie
We want to thank Glen and Floriday for the way they treated our Boy Jack when he passed away. Glen came to our house at 8pm 30 minutes after we called . He took Jack away and tols us he would have him back to us the next day. We had Jack back by 2pm the next day. He was in a beautiful rosewood urn with a beautiful card that had his paw print inside. Glen had taken hair clippings for us to remember Jack by ,and gave us a poem about the hair clippings that was extremly touching. We will always have our dog Jack in our hearts and we will remember the respectful way Jack was treated at his passing.Thanks Glen Debbie and Angelo

     Name: Chrystal T. Rodriguez
     Location: West Melbourne

Chrystal T. Rodriguez
As I am writing this, I have tears in my eyes. I lost my dear friend and companion Sampson. He was 18 years, 1 month and 5 days old. He started having seizures and was diagnozed with kidney stones. Because of his age he was considered at high risk for surgery. As hard as this was for me, and could not bear seeing him in pain. So, I prayed to GOD about this and I had came to the decision that it was time to let him go. Oh we had many wonderful years together and I have many photos of him. Thank you Glen and Kathy for compassion, your guidance, and quick turnaround for Sampson's private cremation. The card was beautiful with his paw prints, and the lock of his hair. Sampson's sunset: 6 June 2012.

     Name: Terra Wareham
     Location: Suntree

Terra Wareham
I was very Blessed to have Glenn and his family of Floriday Pet Cremation take care in my loss of "Holmes" My 13yr Rott on May 21st 2012. Im just getting to that place in dealing with all that, to visit your website and Thank you and greatly appreciate how you honored my buddy. Always is a concern on the care for an animal after the fact and i felt at ease and had comfort knowing Holmes was in amazing hands while on his journey to the rainbow bridge :) The locks of his hair and pawprint and his remains gives me that closeness knowing he is right here home with me and his love is here and forever. Very Fondly, Terra Wareham

     Name: Steve and Iris Tope
     Location: Palm Bay, Fl.

Steve and Iris Tope
Recently, we lost our "best friend" at 16 and a half years old. We had to find a crematory and we were missing "Kenja" so badly that we just had a certain way we wanted this final act that we could do for him to go. Thinking that surely no one would agree with our needs, I was online to find the very best. There was Floriday Pet Cremation. They advertised everything we were looking for. I cannot tell you the compassion and dedication that these people felt for us. They went above and beyond all of our needs. They answered our calls at anytime and were there for anything and everything. You could not ever meet such finer people.The reasonable fee that was charged was nothing compared to the service they gave.Who would have thought that through this whole sad, heart wrenching experience with "Kenja" that our hearts could feel a ray of goodness and careing and this came from the people at Floriday who would be by our side and would see us through it all.If there could be anything go

     Name: Jane Nickerson
     Location: Melbourne Village, FL

Jane Nickerson
We just got back from our vet's office, Dr. Rosen with Wickham Road Animal Hospital. Our beautiful Cody was put down yesterday. We want to say thank you for the prompt service and the beautiful box that his remains were returned in. But, I think the think the thing that meant the most to me was receiving the card with Cody's pawprint and his locks of fur. What a beautiful, thoughtful gesture. We are still very sad and will be for some time to come but your organization has helped ease our boy's passing. He was one of those larger than life dogs. His personality was as big as his body! He never met a person he didn't love. Thanks. Jane Nickerson

     Name: Linda De Falco
     Location: United States

Linda De Falco
Our little cockatiel Francesco was with us for 26 years. When he passed we did not want to just bury him in the back yard. We found Floriday on the web and my husband called and took him the next day. We are so pleased with what Glen did. Francesco is with us in a carved wooden heart box, and the lovely card with his little footprint and feather made me cry. Glen even brought him to us. We will recommend Floriday to all our friends who have pets who are family to them, and know that they will be treated with loving kindness

     Name: Marie
     Location: Melbourne, FL

Thank you Glen and Floriday for taking great care of my beloved Ms. Birdie who passed away at Aloha Vetinary Clinic. When I called to check on the pick up, he offered to pick her up right away. He called to let me know he had her and verfied my engraving. I stopped by there to say my final goodbyes and was told I could take my time. They showed me the facility and process. Glen provided the best personalized care and serivce all the way to finally bringing my beloved Ms. Birdie home. Highly recommened and very affordable. I have an senior pet at home and when that times comes, I will call again. Thank you very much!

     Name: Diane Fejes
     Location: Palm Bay

Diane Fejes
After 30 years of companionship I knew I wanted my cockatiel Tequila to be with me forever. This was a great choice. Glen and his staff were very kind & understanding. I highly recommend using their service. My bird was back to me the same day. It has been since the end of January, but it took me a while to be able to do this. They saved some feathers for me- The little touches mean a lot, and they did that.

     Name: Bruce Ragatz
     Location: PALM BAY

Bruce Ragatz
My beloved cat Mitzi passed away last Sunday at 16 3/4 years. I was in a panic because I could find only a few pet crematories listed in Brevard Co. in the phone book. All of them far away. Fortunately I looked online and found Floriday. I emailed Glen at noon on Sunday and within 45 min. he responded back. What a relief! I cannot say enough about the services that Glen provides. The hair clipping and paw print means so much to me. And to top it off with a beautiful selections of urns. Floriday made a dark period in time a little brighter and for that you have my thanks and I will be using your services again as I have 3 dogs. Hopefully many years from now! Thanks again! Bruce R. Ragatz

     Name: Virginia Massoni
     Location: Cocoa Beach, FL

Virginia Massoni
Thank you so much for handling our dear sweet Harley with dignity and respect. I knew from your voice on the phone that Harley would be safe and be cared for as if he was yours. It is very hard to heal from such a devastating loss but having Harley back home within 24 hours, with the mementos you included was something I will never forget. God Bless your family for what you do for others.

     Name: The Moran Family
     Location: Melbourne Beach, FL

The Moran Family
With the loss of our beloved poodle Roxi, we knew to call Floriday for their extraordinary services. Filled with compassion and appreciation toward the pain they knew we were going through, the owner quickly let us know he had our dog and the actions to be taken. She was back in our arms within a few days. Knowing our dog was in capable hands, we immediately felt at ease knowing the care she was placed in. Thank you to the Womble family for providing us with warm hearts knowing she is in a great place now. We could not be more grateful for your love and care of our family member.

     Name: Maggie and Tom Lindner
     Location: Palm Bay Florida

Maggie and Tom Lindner
2 weeks ago we lost a very dear and loyal member of our family "Gilligan". Gil was 14 years old and lived a happy life despite his medical issues. He continued to "smile" each day that he was with us and he knew how much he was loved. Gilligan cannot be replaced nor do we want him replaced. The love in his eyes and in his heart will never be forgotten by "his" family. Each day we think about him and miss him dearly. We love you Gilligan t our " Little Brown Sugar"

     Name: Marc & Connie Littleton
     Location: West Melbourne Fl

Marc & Connie Littleton
We just wanted to write you to thank you. Yesterday we were taking our baby girl Peanut to the vet to say our good byes and on the way to the vet she took her last breath in my wife’s arms and passed before we got there. She was like a child to us for many years and she had a great life, but we miss her so much already. I made the decision to bring my baby girl directly to you instead of going to my vet. Just the thought of her waiting days before she would be home did not help. When we arrived at your location we were met by Charlie who I have to say was a pleasure do deal with and showed compassion to my wife and myself. He help us make the proper choices for Peanut. He treated our Baby Girl with the upmost respect like she was his own. He allowed us to have the time we needed to say good bye. Glen it was an honor to meet you and thank you for providing us the needed service with dignity and respect. I would highly recommend your service. Now our baby girl is sitting on an angels l