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Name: Corina Savela
Pet's Name:
Year Born: Came to rescue in 2006
Year Passed: April 2012
Loved By:

Reba was a lively dog who came into rescue six years ago. Due to her personality potential adopters were scared away. She never knew she was not adopted as she lived in a foster home with her human and canine friends as if she was suppose to be there forever. Reba liked to run in the yard with her dumbbell toys in her mouth and she would try to bark and hold the toy at the same was quite funny. She would collect all her dumbbells and sit and guard them in the yard enjoying the weather. Reba liked to jump in your lap like she was a little 10 pound lap dog but at 37 pounds she was quite a lap full. Reba is missed but she is now happy and running free in doggie heaven Thanks to rescues like who are no-kill and allow the dogs they rescue to live full lives until their natural time for death. Reba suffered a sudden and quick illness which was not treatable, so she lived her life to it's natural end.

Name: Beth Burger
Pet's Name: Susie
Year Born: 2001
Year Passed: 2012
Loved By: Jeff, Beth, Stephanie, Shannon, Jeffrey, and Blu

Susie was a Bird Dog who was owned by a family in Midville, Georgia. The owner was going to bring Susie to the pound because she wouldn't retrieve the fallen birds, so my husband brought her home to us in Melbourne. She was incredibly sweet and would give true "hugs" whenever she could. Susie would point at the birds and squirrels in our yard, and stand so still that the neighbors would stop to ask if she was a statue! On rare occasion she would catch a squirrel! Our hearts are broken and so is the heart of her constant companion, our Golden Retiever...Blu. We know that she is running the fields in Dog Heaven, and is forever in our hearts.

Name: Debbie Ribel
Pet's Name: Jack
Year Born: 1996
Year Passed: 2012
Loved By: Debbie and Angelo

Jack was the best dog we have ever known. He came to us like a God sent when we were both going through tuff times. He attached his spirit to ours and we became family. As we have no children Jack became our son,and we treated him like he was.We progressed as a family and our lives changed for the best.He loved to go fishing and camping and loved to ride in the car. Jack passed away while on the way home from a fishing trip while I held his paw and Deb stroked his head. He was 16 1/2 yrs old .There is left a great void in our lives. We called Glen at Floriday when we arrived home 30 minutes after his passing. It was aprox. 8pm and we were greif stricken and could barely decide what to do. Glen could hear the pain in our voice and said he would be there in 20 minutes, and he was. He treated Jack with great respect,and told us we would have Jack back home as quickly as possible. Glen called us the next mourning and said we could come and get Jack by 2 pm. He had Jacks remains in a Rosewood box with the Tree Of Life carved atop. He had clippings of Jacks hair for us to remember him by. The card with Jacks paw print brought tears to our eyes, and a card with a poem about the hair clippings was so touching that we tried to read it aloud several times but could not bring ourselves to finish it without breaking down.We our very grateful to Glen for helping us to deal with the passing of our Baby Boy Jack in such a respectful and timely manner.Jack will live forever in our hearts

Name: Carol and Ron Grissom
Pet's Name: Rocky "Little"
Year Born: 2003
Year Passed: 2012
Loved By: Carol and Ron, Brutus, Maggie, and everyone that knew him.

Our Rocky (Little) as I called him was a sweet little Beagle boy. He belonged to a family member in Virginia and due to Family medical issues we agreed to foster. We already had two dogs. My husband drove up to Virginia and brought Little home in 2005. He fit right in with our pack and home he was. We were Foster failures as my friend Marion says. He was my sleeping buddy. He will be missed so much. We would like to thank you Glen for taking such loving care of him. We are happy he is home.

Name: Marie Miller
Pet's Name: Birdie
Year Born: 2011
Year Passed: 2012
Loved By: Hemi, Marie, Fred, Deidra and Devin and friends

Although I only had you for a short time (17 months), you brought laughter and joy into my home, Ms Biride. Floriday Pet Cremation did an exceptional service with Ms. Birdie. I was very impressed with the care given and handling. Birdie was dropped off at a shelter in Arcadia, Fl back in 2011. I was doing a random search for a companion for my other senior dog Hemi. I saw her ad and thought she was perfect. Same color, build and similar markings as Hemi. She was 12 years old with alot of spunk and she hit it off with Hemi. I saw the sparkle in her eyes when they first met, the day I brought her home on 7/3/2011. RIP Ms. Birdie, i.e., Pooky, Tooty and all the cute names I called you.

Name: Paul A. Burleson
Pet's Name: Chase
Year Born: May 2005
Year Passed: February 2014
Loved By: Lorraine and Paul

Heavenly Father, Creator of all things, thank you for having entrusted us with a loyal pet. Thank you for letting Chase teach us unselfish love. Thank you for the memories that we can recall to brighten our days for the rest of our lives. Finally, in gratitude, we return our pet to you. Amen.

Name: Maggie & Tom Lindner
Pet's Name: Gilligan
Year Born: 2001
Year Passed: 2015
Loved By: The Lindner Family

2 weeks ago we lost a very dear and loyal member of our family, "Gilligan". Gil was 14 years old and lived a happy life despite his medical issues. He continued to "smile" each day that he was with us and he knew how much he was loved. Gilligan cannot be replaced nor do we want him replaced. The love in his eyes and in his heart will never be forgotten by "his" family. Each day we think about him and miss him dearly. We love you Gilligan our, "Little Brown Sugar"

Name: Pat, Denise, and Lisa Brocker
Pet's Name: Toughy
Year Born: 1995
Year Passed: 2013
Loved By: Pat, Denise, Lisa, and Peaches

Back in 1995 when my wife came to Florida she said that since she was in an apartment by herself, she was thinking of getting a dog for company. My daughter and I were still on Long Island so she thought it would be nice to come home to something or someone. I recommended a cat because of her long hours at work. When I transferred to Florida with our daughter, we discovered my wife had another man in her life and his name was Toughy! He was tough for 17 years and was our buddy, friend and boop-a-do. Sadly we had to put Toughy to rest on January 28, 2013. Toughy will remain in our hearts and thoughts, until we meet again.... Toughy we miss you and love you with all our hearts!